We initially evaluate whether your related party transactions are appropriate for the advance pricing agreement (APA).

Our scope of services covers conduct of a feasibility study in order to provide an input for decision-makers of your company to reach a conclusion on whether an APA would be the best alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

In this regard, LEVEL provides following services in relation to APA feasibility study:

  • Step 1: Preparation of APA Feasibility Study
  • Step 2: Pre-Filing Meeting with Turkish Tax Authorities
  • Step 3: Strategic Decision Meeting and Presenting Final APA Feasibility Study

As a result of this feasibility study, we prepare “Advance Pricing Agreement Evaluation Report” and present it to you.

If your company decides to apply for an APA, we perform our APA services in two stages, before and after the agreement application.

  • Pre-Agreement Period: It covers the preparation and submission of the application file to the Turkish tax authorities in accordance with the legislation.
  • Post-Contract Application Period: It includes the preparation of additional information and documents requested by the Turkish tax authorities during the negotiation process and the execution of the advance pricing agreement negotiations with Turkish tax authorities.

We have an experienced team of consultants who can evaluate your needs and offer the most relevant and appropriate solution for your organization's needs.

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