Within the scope of the international tax consultancy services that we provide to your company, we prepare ” Evaluation Report on the International Business Structuring ” and focus on the following topics in this study.

  • Providing tax advantages that can be obtained as a result of examining the existing company structure, tax assessment of the integration of international business structure to be established in the country (e.g. the Netherlands, Switzerland or another country), tax scenario evaluation and restructuring of the shareholder structure.
  • Within the scope of international business structuring, considering alternative company and shareholder structures and determining the most effective tax structure by evaluating the existing structure and presenting our opinions and suggestions on this matter.
  • Addressing international tax issues, including assessments on the taxation of the international company structure in the respective countries and the tax benefits that will arise if the international holding company and its subsidiaries participate.
  • Addressing the tax consequences of company share sales and revealing tax issues, including capital gains, which may arise in situations such as the sale of existing shareholder shares to new investors (exit scenarios) after the establishment of international business structure.
  • Planning the billing and commercial transactions of the companies and determining the pricing policies (transfer pricing methods) that will be valid among the group companies, depending on operation countries where the companies are planned to be established including the countries of existing group companies

Within the scope of our studies, we hold project meetings with the management of the company and also provide consultancy through these meetings. As an outcome of the project, an evaluation report addressing the above-mentioned issues is prepared and submitted to the company management.

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