LEVEL transfer pricing documentation services are designed to meet all documentation needs of your company.

LEVEL transfer pricing certification services are provided in an integrated process as shown below.

We offer transfer pricing documentation solutions for Turkey and all other countries your company operates in. We can provide our transfer pricing documentation services both in Turkish and English at your discretion.

We provide transfer pricing documentation services in line with OECD’s new documentation requirements.

We prepare your company’s transfer pricing documentation studies in accordance with the new documentation system introduced by the Presidential Decree in 2020 and OECD three-tiered documentation approach. We are able to offer transfer pricing documentation services in the following different areas

  • Master file
  • Local file (Annual transfer pricing report)
  • Country-by-Country Reporting
  • Transfer pricing forms
  • Benchmarking studies (Comparability analysis)

We have an experienced team of consultants who can evaluate your needs and offer the most relevant and appropriate solution for your organization's needs.

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