Independent audit, in general, is audit of the company’s financial statements, accounting and inventory to the extent required by International Auditing Standards.

The activity in question is carried out in a way where the company and the community’s assets and financial situation are reflected in accordance with “the Fair View Principle”, and if not, the reasons are honestly explained.

The purpose of the independent audit is to form an independent audit opinion on the financial statements of the company.

Within the scope of our services to be provided, independent audit opinions are provided in respect of financial tables and their annexes of the company including financial statements prepared in line with Financial Reporting Standards for Large and Medium Size Enterprises (BOBI FRS) and IAS / IFRS, comprehensive income statement, equity change table and cash flow statements, and the summary of important accounting policies applied and other explanatory footnotes.

For this purpose, the financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, equity change table and cash flow statement) prepared by the company for the relevant year are subject to independent audit.

Our independent audit studies include the analysis of the independent audit and independent audit evidence, supporting the amounts and explanations in the financial statements by sampling method, and it also includes the evaluation of the accounting policies and important estimates made by the company management and the evaluation of the presentation of the financial statements as a whole.

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