Tax certification services can be defined as the review of an entity’s transactions from tax point of view and certification of the annual corporate tax return by a Sworn-in Financial Advisor.

Tax certification services are delivered by our tax certification team managed and led by a Sworn-in Financial Advisor, who is a firm partner and former Tax Inspector of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Our tax audit and certification team is designed in accordance with the specific needs of your company. Our work shall be planned and performed under the close guidance of the team leader who will be in close contact with your authorized staff.

Our tax certification services can be divided into four categories; (i) work at the your office, (ii) evaluation of the data collected, (iii) assistance for quarterly provisional corporate income tax, support in year-end work comprising of preparation of financial statements, tax calculations and filing of the tax return, and (iv) reporting.

Our Tax Audit and Certification Services

Tax audit and certification services are related to advance tax and corporate income tax. This work is performed within predetermined periods by members of our team in accordance with your special needs. Services to be performed will include the following:

  • Review of the statutory accounts to make sure that they are kept correctly in accordance with the Uniform Chart of Accounts set by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance,
  • Review of accounts and supporting documents relating to purchase, sales, income and expenditures to ensure that such transactions and documents are in conformity with tax legislation both in form and in substance,
  • Control and examination of accounts and supporting documents regarding purchase, sale, income and expenditures to ensure that the procedures and documents are complied with the tax legislation in terms of form and content with the continuous audits to be performed
  • Audit compliance of all balance sheet and income statement items to the valuation principles of the Tax Procedure Code, depreciation, non-deductible expenses, discounts and exceptions in accordance with legal legislation and analysis and evaluation of related party transactions within the framework of transfer pricing legislation.
  • Detection and correction of erroneous tax practices through periodic and annual audits.
  • Ensuring that necessary steps are taken regarding current tax practices by providing continuous information on issues in relation to current tax developments, exemptions, exceptions, incentives, etc. within the scope of legal legislation.

We have an experienced team of consultants who can evaluate your needs and offer the most relevant and appropriate solution for your organization's needs.

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