As LEVEL, our goal is to minimize the tax costs of your company within the framework of the law and also provide solutions for situations that may cause tax risks.

Our tax consultancy services generally consist of the issues listed below and are personally offered by our company partners:

  • Tax legislation practices consultancy and tax planning
  • Corporate tax and income tax and withholding tax including tax liability practices
  • Taxes on transaction such as value added tax, excise tax, stamp tax, banking and insurance transaction tax (BSMV) and resource utilization support fund (KKDF)
  • Taxes on wealth, such as inheritance and gift tax and property tax
  • Transactions related to investment incentives, discounts, exemptions and exceptions
  • Consultancy services for end-of-period inventory transactions and closing transactions
  • Tax planning in relation to company restructuring
  • Merger and acquisition (M&A), share transfer procedures
  • Company liquidation procedures, bankruptcy and concordat consultancy
  • Capital increase detection reports
  • Tax consultancy of individuals
  • Investigations and research on specific tax issues

We have an experienced team of consultants who can evaluate your needs and offer the most relevant and appropriate solution for your organization's needs.

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