Our VAT refund services is provided for relevant periods are as follows:

  • To make necessary corrections and additions after the preparation of VAT lists, export sales invoice lists, customs exit declaration lists and loaded VAT lists within the scope of the transactions that give rise VAT return, and to ensure compliance with the VAT General Practice Communiqué and other legal regulations.
  • In accordance with the Law No. 3568, to conduct counter-examination and record transactions before sub-firms where goods and services subject to export are purchased.
  • Making the most effective return request entry according to the financial situation of our clients by taking into consideration the Collateral Application System
  • To evaluate the possibilities such as “return for collateral” or “customs duties, social security premium payments and return for tax debts” and review existing practices within this scope
  • To prepare the VAT Refund Approval Report, which is necessary for the return of the collateral, to realize the VAT refund from the tax office and / or to make the refund requested in cash, and to deliver it to the tax office.
  • To complete the VAT refund control report works to be submitted by the tax office after the return request (submission of the report to the tax office) and submit the petition and annexes to the tax office for the necessary answer

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