How do current developments in international tax have an impact your company?

 Why you should participate? 

During our webinar, we will evaluate transfer pricing issues that should be carefully considered by company executives together with latest international developments that have been recently observed at the international level and Turkey.

 Who should attend? 

Financial affairs and finance department managers of companies (Financial assistant general managers, CFO, tax director, tax managers, transfer pricing experts, financial affairs managers, financial affairs coordinators, financial controllers, budget and planning managers, internal auditors)

 Webinar Topics 

  • OECD BEPS Regulations (BEPS 1.0)
  • Current Developments in BEPS Regulations (BEPS.2.0)
  • Regulations Expected and Made in Turkey on the BEPS Issues
  • How Do International Tax Regulations Affect Companies?
  • How Should Companies Prepare for Developments Related to International Taxes?
  • Tax Technology Solutions for International Tax Issues: Tinvento

Webinar will be accompanied by a presentation containing the above topics and questions from participants will be answered instantly.

 Webinar Participation 

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Date: March 27, 2020
Start: 14:00
End: 15:00
Speaker: Ramazan BİÇER
Ramazan Biçer has nearly 20 years of experience in international tax and transfer pricing. He has 11 years Turkish Tax Authorities experience as transfer pricing advisor and worked at central level. In his eleven years’ experience at Turkish tax authorities, he  took the role of leading transfer pricing teams; advising large taxpayers in various industries.
Ramazan has involved in the drafting of Turkish transfer pricing legislation and visited numerous tax authorities within the  transfer pricing study visits. He has also attended the OECD Working Party 6 on Transfer Pricing as a Turkish delegate.
Following his departure from Turkish Tax Authorities, he joined in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in 2013 and worked therein  as senior transfer pricing manager for 3 years. In his PwC period Ramazan managed a wide range of transfer pricing and  international tax projects.
Ramadan advises numerous Turkish and foreign capital companies in the fields of international tax and transfer pricing, such as international company structuring, international investments, international wealth management, transfer pricing documentation, transfer policy design, advance pricing agreements.
He published many articles in the fields of international tax and transfer pricing both in Turkish and international well-known publications. Ramazan is the author of a transfer pricing book named as ‘Transfer Pricing Practices Guidelines’.
Ramazan holds an Advanced LL.M. Degree  in International Tax Law from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

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